Propethy (PTY) Token

Our Propethy (PTY) token is a security token that is backed by our rapidly growing, global portfolio of real estate assets. Our goal is to achieve in excess of $10 billion USD in Assets under Management (AUM) in the medium term.

PTY currently trades on the Bitcratic DEX.

Click here to trade.

What is a security token? It’s a crypto token that passes the Howey Test. Security tokens usually derive their value from an external, tradable asset (in the case of Propethy (PTY) it is real estate). Because the tokens are deemed a security, they are subject to federal securities and regulations. Once these regulations are complied with, security tokens offer the following benefits:

  • Credibility – Our business plan is not based on a pie in the sky “white paper.” We negotiate and buy sought after, high end real estate assets.
  • Improving Traditional Finance – We are the first to syndicate the equity requirement in real estate transactions in a friction-less way, providing access to deals to a worldwide audience.
  • Speeding up Execution – Traditional finance institutions have a lot of middlemen involved which simply increases the execution time. By removing these middlemen, we achieve faster execution time. Our deals get done, and they get done faster!
  • Exposure to Free Market – Traditionally, real estate transactions have been extremely localized. Through our model and platform, anyone on the internet can have access to the cream of the crop in real estate property transactions. This exposure to the free market helps in increasing asset valuation.
  • Huge Number of Investors – By provide a secure, scalable, database driven platform our investor base increases exponentially.
  • Reducing Lawyer Service – In the future, our security token projects will use smart contracts which will automate service provider functions through software. These are functions are currently provided by players such as lawyers which add on to the potential middlemen involved in a project.

Join us on this exciting journey. To view our ERC-20 security token contract on Etherscan, click here. To trade the Propethy (PTY) Token click here. To invest in a real estate project, sign in here, or register here.